Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Cats are one of my favorite animals. They are so fun to have around! One of my cats named Elsa had kittens recently. Last Monday they were six weeks old so I thought I would share some pictures with you. This is when they were first born. There are four white kittens and one tabby. 

We kept them inside while they were really little. Last week we put them outside in a pen and they are trying every possible way to get out. 

This is one of my favorite kittens. Isn't she pretty? It was really hard to get a picture of her. She would not stay still. I think I probably took thirty pictures before I got a good one of her. 

This one is also my favorite. Maybe I should just say they are all my favorites! When they were first born I couldn't tell the difference between the white kittens but now they are all a little different. 

When the kittens were just one or two weeks old, my little brother came home from my grandparents house with a stray kitten. He was super skinny but also really cute. We've had him for a little while and he is still sticking around. I think he adopted us. ;) He is a really good cat. Every time anyone picks him up he starts to purr. Joseph (my little brother) named him Hiro off of one of his favorite movies. Sorry this picture is kind of blurry. 

This last picture is one of my favorites. If I were to keep this kitten I would name it fluffy something. :) When it gets scared it scrunches up and all you can see is white fluffy fur.

Which of the kittens is your favorite? If you had the tabby kitten what would you name her? I have another blog post coming up hopefully soon. Thanks for reading!