Sunday, February 26, 2017

These Are a Few...

Hi everyone! Do you like to read? Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I thought that I'd share some of my favorite Christian authors with you. It's hard to find a good book to read sometimes. The thing that I like most about all of these books is that none of them are dull! They all have beautifully written stories and strong christian characters. What is your favorite type of book? When I was little I loved mysteries (I still do). My favorites were Nancy Drew Mysteries and the Mandie Collection. Now, I still enjoy books with in-depth characters and suspenseful plots. These are a few of my favorite things books!

Jane Austen ~ You can't go wrong with Jane Austen. Her Regency books will always be among my favorites. Regency dancing, teatime, novel reading, and a bit of matchmaking are all in her books. My personal favorites are Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.

Lamplighter Books ~ I know this is not just one author but I had to include Lamplighter Publishing with my favorites. Lamplighter reprints old books and gives them beautiful covers. They aren't just any old books though. Each one is a beautiful story about a person who learns more about God or perhaps discovers God for the first time. They show that no one is perfect and life can be hard but God will help us through it. I highly recommend every single one of these books. My personal favorites: All OF  THEM!! :) More specifically though: A Lost Pearle, The Hidden Hand, House of Love, The Locked Cupboard, and The Orphan Queen.

Sarah E. Ladd ~ I recently discovered Sarah E. Ladd's books. Her books are very enjoyable and sweet. Most of them are set in the Regency Era. So far I've read The Heiress of Winterwood, and The Headmistress of Rosemere. 

Janette Oke ~ I've been reading Janette Oke's books for a long time. I'm pretty sure that I've read nearly all of them. She has written many series. I love how she makes her characters seem real and she shows how they grow in their faith even in difficult circumstances. Of all of her books, my favorites are Love Comes Softly Series, Return to the Canadian West Series, and Roses for Mama (a stand alone novel). My top favorite is a series she co-wrote with T. Davis Bunn called The Song of Acadia. 

Roseanna M. White ~ I've only read two of Roseanna M. White's books but they were amazing. They are written beautifully and are full of suspense. I've read The Lost Heiress, and A Lady Unrivaled. 

Julie Klassen ~ Every time I pick up one of Julie Klassen's books I have a very hard time setting it down. Then after I finish them I get sad and wish that they could keep going on. Wouldn't a never ending book be fun? You'd never have to be sad when it ends! The plots in her books are incredible. They're suspenseful and the characters are also super good. My favorites are The Secret of Pembrooke Park,  and The Silent Governess.

Kritsi Ann Hunter ~ I just picked up A Noble Masquerade in the library the other day and I have to say I was really surprised. I read it in two days. It was so good! It is set in the Regency era and has everything you could hope for in a book; dancing, mystery, spies, romance, a noble hero, and an amazing albeit stubborn main character. Do yourself a favor and go check out this book. It's seriously amazing! She has a free Novella available for kindle. It's called A Lady of Esteem. You're welcome. :) Although I liked A Noble Masquerade better, A Lady of Esteem is very enjoyable. I tend to like long books better than short ones. I think that there is more time for the story to develop thus more time to get to know the characters. Which do you prefer? 

Melanie Dickerson ~ I don't think that I can say enough good things about her books! She loosely bases her books after fairy tales adding more plots and Christian characters. Her stories are sweet and powerful. I count down the days every time she has a new book coming out. I really enjoyed The Merchant's Daughter, The Princess Spy, The Golden Braid, and The Beautiful Pretender. 

Now that you have a list all you have to do is check them out and read them all! Have you read any of these books before? What are your favorite books? Why do you like them? What is one thing that you like to see in a book? 

All that's left to do now is grab a cup of tea and a plate of scones and a couple rainy afternoons. Have fun reading! 

"If a book is well written, I always find it too short." ~ Jane Austen 

"The more that you read. The more things you will know. The more things that you learn, the more places you will go. ~ Dr. Seuss

"Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." C.S. Lewis