Sunday, December 28, 2014

Make Your Own Yarn Scarf

Yarn scarf tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I will be sharing how to make your own yarn scarf. These scarfs are not only soft but warm, too. Here is what you will need to get started.
  • All of your favorite colors of yarn
  • Scissors
  • A tape measure
  • Duct tape
  • A friend to help you (Or a sister)
When you are choosing your yarn types you don't have to stick with just plain yarn. You can use fuzzy yarn, popcorn yarn, or you can even use ribbons. Use as many colors that you want. The fewer that you use the more of each color you will have. I like to use either a white or cream yarn in my scarfs to brighten them up. Here are of the colors that I used for my scarf.

Yarn scarf tutorial

This scarf will take about an hour and a half to complete. To start put a piece of duct tape on your floor or edge of your table. Next measure out fifty inches starting at the duct tape and ending with another piece of duct tape.
 Choose your first yarn and put the end on one piece of duct tape. Pull the yarn until it reaches the other piece of duct tape. It helps to have someone else at the other piece of duct tape holding the end. After that hold your yarn on both pieces of tape and double it. Bring your yarn back to the first piece of duct tape.

After your yarn is doubled use your scissors and cut it. If you have a lot of different colors only cut three or four strands of each color. Continue cutting different colors until you have your desired thickness. Keep in mind that your scarf will be doubled when you wear it. When you are through cut one last piece but after doubling it go halfway back up to the other piece of tape. This will make it just a little longer than all of the others. Set this piece aside for later. 

Do you see how the same colors are beside each other in my picture? This next step will help blend all of the colors together. What you need to do is lay each color group over a flat surface until all of them are separated.Then go to each color and grab one of each of the colors until all of them are gone. Be careful when grabbing each color to hold the ends neatly in one of your hands.

For this next step you will need another person to help you. One of you hold the scarf in the middle and the other one of you grab the longer piece of yarn that you set aside. This is for the person that has the longer piece of yarn, grab that one piece of yarn in the middle and wrap it around the middle of the scarf that the other person is holding then tie it once. Wrap it around again and tie it again. Do this one more time but knot it. You will want to pull the knot pretty tight. There you have it! 

All you have to do now is give it a haircut! You should have one end with smooth ends (this was the one that you were holding when you put it together) and one end that is kind of uneven. Just use your scissors and even it out a little bit.

Now I will show you how I like to tie my scarf. Grab your scarf in the middle. It should be easy to find because of the yarn wrapped around it. Next fold your scarf in half so that it is doubled.

Wrap it around your neck and hold the side with the loop. On your other side you have all of your ends. Split the ends in half and bring one section through the loop.

Next twist the loop and bring the other half through.

Straighten it up and then you are done! You have a beautiful colorful scarf! Tell me how yours works. :)

I like to braid my scarf together when I am through wearing it so that it does not get tangled. 

Monday, December 22, 2014


Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. On this blog I will be sharing all kinds of crafts and projects with step-by-step instructions so that you can try them too. I will also be sharing little bits and pieces of things that I enjoy doing. Here are a few things about me. My main goal is to shine for Jesus in all that I do. I love playing music on my piano, harp, and violin. In my extra time I always love to bring a book outside and play with my kittens. I also enjoy sewing, though I have to work on learning how to sew things better by myself :). My sister helps me with a lot of things. But I especially like it when she braids my hair for me. Maybe I will be able to get her to do a few tutorials for some hairstyles. Feel free to comment on my posts and ask questions!