Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I'm Back!

Hello! It's been forever since I have done a post on here! We have been a little busy. ;) It's been fun though. I have another tutorial coming up soon. I will be sharing how to make pretty cards. :) 

Since I don't have that done yet, I wanted to show you something that my awesome sister made for me.

She crocheted me a scarf! Isn't it pretty! Here is a picture of me wearing it.  

Just in case you want to make a lovely scarf for yourself HERE is the video on how to do it.

Heather (my sister) has crocheted tons of pretty things! I have tried to crochet in the past, but it all got tangled after the chain stitch... I am learning how to knit though! We went to a class at our library and learned how. It is starting to get easier. I finished my first square with no mistakes. I didn't count how many times I restarted. :D Here is a picture of it. 

 It looks a little crooked in the picture but if it is stretched out it straightens up. My plan is to knit tons of different colored squares like this one and then sew them all together. Eventually I will have a really colorful blanket. :) Do you crochet or knit? Or both? If so, which do you prefer? Knitting is easy for me because you repeat the same stitch over and over.  That's all for now. :) I will post again soon though! I hope that you have a wonderful Easter!! 


  1. pretty! ;) I like knitting too, but I only know pretty much one stitch. I'm hoping to learn some more soon, lol! :D

  2. That's a pretty scarf! I can knit a little, but I like finger crocheting better. :D I've actually been wanting to knit a blanket too! I just can't decide what colors to do. :D
    Hope you have a beautiful day!

    1. :D I was really excited when I learned how to knit. I've never tried finger crocheting before but it might be easier! You should knit a blanket. I am doing more jewel toned colors for mine. :)

  3. Emily! TELL HEATHER I AM VERY JEALOUS OF HER CROCHETING ABILITIES. I can Granny-square when the other half of my brain is present. But otherwise let's just say i'm knot the neatest.

    I nominated you for an award, by the way, just five questions! No sweating involved. XD