Monday, January 19, 2015

Marbled Fingernail Polish

When I first saw how to create a marbled look with fingernail polish I really wanted to try it. It did not work for me... I ended up with fingernail polish smeared all over my fingernails. It was not fun to try to get off. I even had a friend come over and try it on me. It still did not work. Then I tried a different technique and it worked!

What you will need:
  • 3 or 4 different fingernail polishes
  • Clear fingernail polish
  • A baggie
  • Scissors
  • tweezers 
Chose your colors.

Pour a little of your first color onto the baggie. It does not matter where you pour it. Just leave enough room to spread it around. 

Then spread it out into a square.

Next add your second color. Be careful not to blend them together too much. 

Add a little sparkle to it if you would like. :) You could also use a toothpick to drag lines through it.

 Let it sit overnight or for at least five hours. Touch the very corner of it after letting it sit to make sure it is completely dry. The longer you let it dry the easier it is to separate from the baggie. After it is dry cut your square out of your baggie.

Then cut out a piece just a little larger than your fingernail. 

Next get your tweezers and separate the fingernail polish from the baggie.

Apply a thin coat of clear nail polish and let it dry for 30 seconds. You want it to be a little sticky. 

Put the cut marbled polish onto your fingernail and push around the edges.

Don't remove the extra polish around your fingernails yet. Allow it to dry and go to your next fingernail. Once you finish press down around the outline of your fingernail and pull the excess off.

Now all you have to do is put a clear coat on top. 

There you have it! It is very simple to do and looks great. Try different colors, Patterns, and more. I got mine to stay on as long as if I had just done my nails with a coat of polish. If you do a bunch of different squares of nail polish at a time you can have them whenever you want to do your nails.


  1. That's pretty cool. ;) You all have a lovely day. <3

    1. Hi Victoria! Thanks for commenting. It was fun to do! I haven't tried many different colors yet, but I am thinking of trying pastel colors next. I hope all of you are doing good! :)