Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Glowing Jars

Have you seen these awesome glowing jars before? I saw one and knew that I had to try it! The only problem was that there were never enough instructions. With this tutorial I am hoping to make it easy for you to do yourself.

What you will need:
  • Two long thin glow sticks (you could also use six short ones)
  • One Mason jar and lid (it does not matter what size)
  • Glitter (I found mine at Hobby Lobby) 
  • An old pair of scissors
  • Something to cover your floor (It gets a little messy) :) 
  • A bag for empty glow sticks 

Some words of caution: I would not recommend to do this project with little kids. There is a glass tube inside of the plastic which causes the glow stick to light up when broken. When you through away the empty glow sticks be sure to put them in container so that it does not cut your bag open. 

Now, lets begin! The first step is breaking or activating your glow sticks. Next, cut the very end of your glow stick and shake it into the jar. Shake it really good just don't let it fly out of the top of the jar (I am speaking from experience here). :) 

Once you get most of the liquid out snip off the other end. This helps get the rest of the liquid out. Take the plastic pieces out of the jar and through them away. Do the same with your other glow stick.

Do you see the little pieces of glass in the jar? You can use your scissors to get them out or the end of your glow stick. You could also just leave them but it looks better without them. Put the lid on your jar and swirl the liquid all over the sides of the jar. Take off the lid and add the glitter colors of your choice. The more glitter that you put the better it sticks to the sides. You don't have to put glitter but I like glitter... :) 

This is what the glitter looks like in the light. 

Here is what it looks like in the dark.

All you have to do now is clean up! I have found that baby wipes get the glowing liquid off of the scissors but not off the floor. Any that gets on the floor goes away in about fifteen minutes. The jars last much longer though! If any liquid gets on the floor please double check to make sure no glass did.  

Please note, these jars only glow for an hour or two at the most. They are still fun to look at. They even look cool when they stop glowing because of the glitter on the inside. 


  1. Oh that really cool!
    I'm just sitting here like: Oh maaah gooooosh. Glitter glow jars.
    This is brilliant!
    Nicely done Emily!

    1. Thank you!! Yep, anything that has glitter I definitely have to try. Lol! Sparkling stuff is just so pretty...... :)

  2. Cool! :) I've always had a thing for glow stick crafts... haven't really tried any though. :^ Well I guess I should! Lol

    1. Yes you should try it! It really is fun. Be sure to show me some pictures if you do try it!! :D

  3. They look really neat! :D I enjoy reading your blog. :) Love you!

    1. Thanks! I am trying to make it fun. :D