Monday, February 9, 2015


The other day we went to my grandparents house and painted. I decided to get some pictures while we were there to share with you. :) 

As always, I began with a blank canvas. This is the hardest part...trying to figure out what to paint then how to paint it. I started with a circle.

My first intentions were to paint a flower. But the more I thought about it the harder it sounded. Then, after sitting there for a long time I decided to just go wild and use my fingers. Every single one of them... Thankfully we were just using acrylic paint because it washes of much easier than oils.  Here are what my fingers looked like. ;)

Lovely aren't they? After covering my fingers in paint I finally began painting more.

Can you tell that I am having fun? 

I decided to add a little glitter to it. Yes, I blew it onto the canvas. It was fun. :D

I think that I had too much fun with it. :) It is still a little wet in this picture. Next time I think I will paint a more detailed picture but this time it was fun to just paint! Maybe I have inspired you to go paint something. Just have fun and dig in! 


  1. Cute, that looks fun! And yes, glitter is always a good choice. :) <3